Happy Friday folks! What are you up to this weekend? Are you one of the lucky few who have Columbus Day off on Monday? (I do, but I am so swamped with school work, I am sure it won't feel like a holiday . . . )

You know what I will be daydreaming about while I plod away through my mountains of art history texts? The iPhone 5. Shocker, given my total lack of interest in Apple products (psych)! I am up for a contract renewal this week and I am trying to stave off my itchy "purchase finger" by distracting myself by daydreaming about other fun gadgets.

So, without further ado, here are my top picks for fun, practical, conversation-starting tech toys. Get the links after the jump!

ONE | Belkin Conserve Socket, $10
(it automatically turns off power to the socket once your device is charger . . . brilliant!)

TWO | Kate Spade Word Search iPhone Case, $40
(only for the iPhone 4, alas)

THREE | Kate Spade Composition Notebook iPad Folio, $85
(i have this pattern in my iPhone case and get compliments all the time)

FOUR | Technical Fleece HoodieBuddie, on sale for $31
(has built in earbuds in the drawstrings!)

FIVE | Mutewatch in Charcoal Grey, $259
(the display flips on/off with a flick of a finger)

SIX | Pivot Power Strip, $30
(fits around a desk leg, in the weird-shaped crack behind the dresser, anywhere!)

SEVEN | Logitech Washable Keyboard for Windows PC, $40
(seriously, you can clean this in the sink! officially wishlisted for my office computer!)

EIGHT | Branch Earphone Splitter, $10
(i use one of these on early trip i go on—perfect for watching a flick with a friend on your iPad)

NINE | Superheadz Clap Digital Camera Powershovel, $45
(a tiny digital camera that plugs directly into a USB port; comes in a bunch of cool colors, too!)

TEN | Bone iPhone Horn & Portable Amp, $3
(this deal is crazy! i may be getting one for everyone i know)

ELEVEN | Wacom Bamboo Stylus, $30
(sleek and—dare i say it—sexy, this stylus feels like using a fancy pen on your techie devices)

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