What are you up to this weekend? I am headed to my parents' beach house in Connecticut to have my bachelorette party!! Though there have been jokes about strippers dancing off our deep water diving board, I am actually looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend hanging out with my bridesmaids. Here's to sunshine, cocktails, gossip, good food and even better company! Hope you have something equally fun planned . . .

In case you don't (or even if you do!) here are a couple of links to keep you busy until I return on Monday:

Speaking of beaches, can you tell where these are? I couldn't but now I have a bunch of new wishlist travel plans!

You thought my Olympics obsession was over, but now that the Games are done my withdrawal has set in and I am compelled to have you check out this beautiful post at the NYTimes.

This looks sleek, practical and cool; no wonder it's got a gazillion backers on Kickstarter!

This cheat sheet is a godsend for Mac nerds like me.

Stupidly missed the early bird special buying these sweet set, but it's so reasonably priced I may still have to snag it.

This shop must be "stamping out" (wink wink) the competition with their awesome designs. Everything in it is now, officially, wishlisted.

Too expensive for my DIY bride blood, but this app is a great idea and has some surprisingly lovely graphic design behind it.

This, however, is much more my style. I used this tutorial for my invites (only I did it in bright red!) and have to say it worked quite well. Simple, cheap, and effective. Next time I will have to try gold!

This brilliant event (pun fully intended) is next week in New York. Who's with me?

Have a great weekend all!

(photo by artist Ian Baguskas, sold on 20x200)

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