Building upon my last round up of great mom-worthy gifts, here are some last minute ideas that are sure to delight the wonderful mother hens in your life. Actually, they are sure to delight pretty much anyone in your life with a sweet tooth, because this round up is full of delicious confections of all types, shapes and sizes! So, without further ado, bring on the sinfully tasty treats!
izze sodas. $8.99 for 4 bottles.
fizzy, refreshing and made from real fruit juice, these sodas come in 
lip-smacking flavors like clementine and grapefruit

albanese 12 flavor fat free gummy bears. $20.89 for two 5 pound bags.
these are seriously the BEST gummy candies I have ever had. ever. and I have tried a lot! I can pretty much eat them by the handful, particularly with jelly belly worthy flavors like sour lemon and banana.

sweets for the sweet tote. $33.75.
all of dean & deluca's sweets are super tasty; brought together in this cute package, your mom will be in dessert heaven!

 dark, milk and white 'hot chocolate' on a stick. $9 for 3 pack.
pop bar is one of my favorite spots in the city for a summer cool down; these hot chocolate sticks are their recent foray into cold weather treats. with our recent dreary weather, these could be put to immediate use!

löffle mich (cake in a cup). 2 euro each.
since my german is not so good, I can't tell you too much about these jarred single serving cakes except that I spotted them here and they were too adorable not to share!

mast brothers chocolate bars. $40 for 5.
artisan chocolate made by hand in brooklyn by two of the most beardy bros ever. it has, hands down, the prettiest packaging I have ever seen on anything edible, not to mention mouth-watering flavors like sea salt or black truffle.
super pop cakes ice cream. $60 for 5 pints.
jenis splendid ice cream has the brilliant idea of mixing big tasty chunks of cake into their pints with supposedly delicious results. a bit pricey, but perfect for the mom who views dessert as a decadent special occasion treat.

wild raspberry honey. $14 for 10.5 ounces.
so your mom somehow (against all odds) manages a kryptonite-like aversion to dessert. enter this raw varietal honey: a great addition to tea, baked goods and marinades and delicious enough to eat by the spoonful.

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