Do you all have anything fun planned for the weekend? Unfortunately I am on lockdown, spending all of the weekend working on essay that is due all too soon. Assuming you have more time for fun, here are some fabulous links to keep you occupied for the next two days.

Christoph Niemann's Abstract Sunday blog for the New York Times keeps getting better and better. I particularly loved discovering one of his latest posts (above) focused on "modern squash" aka pumpkins and gourds turned into modern furniture icons. Love it! (See my past Niemann favorites here, here, here, and here)

Speaking of modern design (and that Eames coatrack top left), this is an amazing DIY project.

I am obviously loving the trend of color, color, and more color in fashion right now. Makes me want these!

Not sure how I would get this up to my high rise NYC apartment (or where I would put it), but I need one of these!

This Etsy shop is chock full of the cutest things.

What?! An amazing New Zealand-based design blog? Wait until I tell my Kiwi hubby-to-be!

Why do some people learn faster? Fascinating!

Bubbles are totally magical.

This lovely lady makes me want to take more iPhone photos and fly to Scandinavia immediately.

While we are on the subject of travel, these two ladies (see here and here), know how to jet-set and still look great doing it. This travel/fashion tip is also genius; I followed it for several years now and it always makes me feel more put together!

Have a great weekend, all! See you back here on Monday.

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