Ha! I have heard lots and lots about the adorable Babycakes Bakery here in New York. But given my stickler status for super delicious baked goods, I was skeptical about their propensity for vegan goodies. Well, after coming across their awesome-looking cookbooks over the past couple months and recently discovering their cheeky/silly demo videos (like the ones above) I am totally sold.* Clearly a pilgrimage to their shop needs to be made pronto!

Learn more about Babycakes here, read their blog here, read an interview with sweet (ha! see what I did?) founder Erin here, and watch more of their super cute videos here.

*Is it just me, or do you also imagine you look like this while you are baking? i love baking so much, I totally feel like a rockstar when I do it. Only my kitchen doesn't have such good lighting. ;)

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