Beer Bash

In honor of yesterday's illustrious holiday—National Beer Can Appreciation Day—here is a little round up of all the goodies you need to throw a fabulous Beer Bash. And even if, like me, you are not a big beer drinker, I can promise that all of these things will work just as well for a party with hard cider or soda or whatever beverage you prefer! :)

1 ::::: Mexican Craft Beer, Cervecería Sagrada
2 ::::: Vintage European Beer Coasters (Set of Four), halfpintsalvage, $14
3 ::::: Tubtrug 3.5 Gallon Storage Bucket, Amazon, $6.99
4 ::::: Alessi Marli Bottle Opener, Amazon, $26.42
5 ::::: Lucky Lager Beer Tray, cocodot, $30
6 ::::: The Beer Book Beer Appreciation Poster
7 ::::: Stratton 22 oz. Beer Mug, Crate & Barrel, $11.95

Check back in tomorrow; we are doing a big (delicious!) giveaway!

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