Oh my goodness (swoon) I am in typographic love. Apparently this font—Brandon Grotesque—came out last year and somehow it has taken me this long to stumble upon it. I just saw it used in the sweet new Comedy Central logo (see description here). I like it so much I am seriously considering using it in my wedding invitation design . . .

Here are the details:

Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif type family of six weights plus matching italics. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2009/10. Influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s, the fonts are based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility.

Brandon Grotesque has a functional look with a warm touch. While the thin and the black weights are great performers in display sizes the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts. The small x-height and the restrained forms lend it a distinctive elegance.

My cursor is hovering over the purchase button . . . too bad fonts are so pricey or I would be in design heaven already!

(tip from designworklife; I told you I had a crush!)

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