A beautiful summary of a beautiful streak (that, hopefully, will continue!). These women over countless years and in the face of countless challenges have continued to inspire and play their gosh darn heart out.

Talk about an inspirational story for the holiday season.

I know I am an unabashed UCONN fan (see here). But anyone who likes sports or has played sports, men or women, can appreciate the amount of dedication, determination and sportsmanship it takes to not only win, but to settle for nothing less than their absolute best (day in and day out, every minute of every game) all while respecting each opposing team they play.

I am usually too superstitious to post about the season while it is going on, but this was simply too important to pass up. I mean, really, it is one of the best Christmas presents I—or any UCONN fan—could have asked for.

Read more great coverage over at ESPN here.

And, on the off chance that one of the Huskies is reading this: congratulations!

p.s. How great is it to be a UCONN fan right now? The boys basketball team is doing well, the football team is the Fiesta bowl . . . awesome!

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