I think it is clear that I am a geek for typography. Just look at
these posts. But recently, upon discovering the amazing website 'Typography for Lawyers', I realized I don't know quite as much about typography (and its proper usage) as I think. For instance, did you know that the two-space rule after the period is a hold over from the typewriter era? Or the difference between an n-dash and an m-dash . . . and why they are called that?
While the website is directed to lawyers, it's guidance can really be helpful to pretty much any professional.

Check out the goodness here.


Along the same vein, I thought I would point you in the direction of Pentagram quiz: What Type Are You? By answering a few short questions—all posed by a mysterious, European, psychologist-like figure—the site will help you determine what typeface best suits your personality. It turns out I don't actually like the look of my typeface that much—Architype Van Doesburg—but I do completely agree with the explanation aligning its characteristics with my beliefs and views.

Try it for yourself here.
(And thanks for reminding me about it Caitlin!)

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