I am finally moved into my new apartment--which, by the way, is far fancier than my old place--and can happily say I am finally feeling New York cool. This is all despite the fact that my living room has no furniture and I am currently writing this post while sitting on a large throw pillow on the floor. In my pajamas. Watching reruns of Law & Order: SUV. Snazzy huh?

Anywho, in keeping with my new-found feeling of coolness, I thought I would do another post about the ultimate purveyor of NYC cool: the Sartorialist. I recently stumbled across an awesome parody of the Sartorialist, created by the geniuses at the Pipeline, which consists of a flow chart detailing how you can get photographed by this amazing fashionisto! (Click on the chart for a larger view).

In other sartorial news, the Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) is publishing is own book of portraits! Love it! The best part? The reasonable price of $16.50. Check it out here (or the $100+ bespoke edition here).

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