It seems that the famous graffiti artist Shepard Fairey (his claims to fame of late: designing the infamous Obama Hope poster, being featured on the tv network USA as a "Character to Watch" and being the feature artist of a large ICA show in Boston) is rubbing the Boston bourgeois the wrong way.  Remembering tags created nearly ten years ago, it seems that so many Boston residents complained about the welcome this "criminal" (since graffiti is still a crime) was receiving in accordance with the opening of his ICA show.  It apparently was so overwhelming that the Boston police arrested Fairey for an outstanding warrant from 2000 for a graffiti crime that carried a fine of all of $100.

So what do you think?  Should he been held accountable for his tags or should the boston police be spending more time solving violent crimes, stopping drunk drivers and avoiding the Boston snobbery in Back Bay and Brookline?  Drop me a comment or read more about the issue at the article here.

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