What do you think?  I am redesigning my business cards and this seems to be the draft to which I keep coming back.  It will be a double-sided full-color card with a slight matte finish.  I wanted something that would show the duplicitous nature of my creative life - half of me focused on my own personal artwork, design portfolio and art historical scholarship; the other half focused on all things "obsessive imagist" from my store to this very blog - all while staying within my "trademark" hexagon theme.

With that explained, I need comments!  Do you like it?  Any changes need to be made?  I want to send them to the printer this week - so get your votes in now!

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  1. I like the red side a lot - but I'm not too keen on the white side. Maybe just put an image there since all the info is already on the red? Gotta love a redesign!