. . . for my home!  Now all I have to do is find them all . . .

1.  a photo booth in which every visitor would be required to do a sitting.

2.  a small antique movie marquee with a cheery welcoming phrase (Greetings! Come On In (Starring You)! or something like that . . . ) & a small row of red fabric movie theater seats to throw your coat on.

3.  a room with a map wall - either one giant mural or a conglomeration of many maps, all from places to which I have traveled.

4.  this incredible Albrecht Durer sketch of six pillows to frame over my bed.  what a lovely image to fall asleep/wake up to. . . (too bad the sketch has never been printed in any way, shape or form).

5.  fresh flowers every week.  peonies would be great - if only they were around all year!

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