This morning, as a special treat for myself and as part of the search for a belated Father's Day present, I went to the new Bob's Your Uncle store Front in Fort Point.  Not only was the store as beautiful as everyone described (see decor8 here) but I had the added bonus of meeting one of the creative geniuses behind the Bob's Your Uncle line: Michele Yeeles (seen in the first photo)!  Bob's Your Uncle was started/is run by a husband & wife team (Michele and Martin) both of whom started in design (she in shoe design and he in graphic design) making the perfect basis for their colorful, sassy, brilliant products.  Turns out that their office is just on the other side of Front's door so either Michele or Martin are in the store at all times.  I had a wonderful conversation with Michele (she is so nice!) during which she offered a ton of great advice (for budding designers like myself) and generally cemented my love for Bob's Your Uncle products and the Front store!  Go check it out yourself at 25 Channel Center Street, Boston.

p.s. Did I mention that I want to buy everything in the store?  I managed some restraint & only bought two things . . . 

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