Having spent a lot of time recently staring at the void on my desk where Humperdink used to be (it was a very long week without him), I have decided to share some of the sexy desk accessories I have come across lately.  All four of these products follow the form and function mantra, maintaining a sleek exterior while able to stand up to the tests of time.  From top to bottom: 
  1. Letter Holder (I just purchased this and LOVE it!  You might remember it from a desk shot long ago in Blueprint Magazine.  It is made by Koray Ozgen and is a MOMA exclusive which you can buy here for $28),
  2. Royal's Paper Shredder (this clean white shredder is small enough to fit under your desk, sturdy enough to cut through a cd, and inexpensive enough at $49 to save your bank.  Available here through Amazon and seen in Domino Magazine), 
  3. MOMA Perpetual Calendar (carried by the MOMA Design Store and up for purchase here, this calendar will last forever and brighten up a boring cubicle; simple slide the orange face of the calendar until the proper dates appear under their proper days of the week), 
  4. LaCie's "Little Disk" (available in 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB, and 320GB, this little black number hooks into your computer's USB port, has a 2 year warranty and ranges in price from $90 - $210.  Plus, measuring in at roughly 3" x 5", it will leave plenty of space for all of the Letter Holder, Calendar and Shredder in your workspace).
Maybe if my desk housed this many pretty things, I would actually spend time at it . . . 

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