I am in full force productivity mode these days as the semester draws to a close, but with that focus comes the occasional binge on YouTube (who's with me?!).  Here are a couple of videos I have stumbled across recently that made me giggle, smile or generally forget my massive to do list for a couple minutes. Hope you enjoy!

above | they are doing a ton of facade work on my building right now and the noise is basically like this, with the added bonus of guys in cherry pickers popping by my window every few minutes . . . just a bit distracting, ha!

above | sometimes I feel like every girl in New York is like this; either way, this is a pretty funny parody of a show I regularly watch to make myself feel like my life is reasonably put together (is that too honest?)

above | james corden is hilarious, jennifer hudson is the shiznit and this video just makes me miss having a car . . .

above |  . . . though if I were to be doing my own car karaoke, it would probably sound more like this . . . .

Hope you have a productive day full of laughter and dance/karaoke breaks!

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