I haven't done a 'My Dream Home' post in a while and I thought I would revisit the series in full force: with my dream kitchen! I really enjoy cooking and, while I love our NYC apartment, the vision of cooking in a kitchen someday that isn't approximately the size of a postage stamp sends thrills of pleasure down my spine. Here is a round up some kitchen ideas I would love to incorporate into my 'someday' home . . . 
(FYI, all links are listed top to bottom with descriptions of the images)
above | A white color palette with light marble/stone countertops. I know this will sound crazy but I love the clean aesthetic of white on white in a kitchen, particularly if you can pair them with dark floors. I'd actually rather be able to see the mess I have to clean and clean it than hide it on dark counter or cabinets.links | wooden floors, wood breakfast bar stools, cookbook shelf and potted plants, stainless steel appliances, bird sculpture, farmhouse sink, vase of tulips
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I also LOVE the idea of running white tile (subway tile is awesome, of course!) from counter to ceiling. Yes, it will certainly be more expensive but the look makes any odd shaped wall a real focal point (like the last image above, wow!). It also sets off open shelving beautifully, particularly when the shelves are made out of a contrasting natural wood.

Occasionally I also get tempted by colored cabinets (I do love color!). Right now there is a trend toward dark lowers and white uppers, which seems like a good compromise but may trendy enough to seem dated quickly? Either way, if I were to go the colored route I like the look of that dark grey or inky blue.links | grey with brass hardware, black with silver hardware, grey with silver hardware, sage green, inky blue

At the very tip top of my list, no matter the cabinet choice, is dramatic modern lighting. Metallic pendant lights with Edison or globe bulbs are my personal favorite, but really there are tons of great options that could really make a kitchen island or peninsula sing.links | wooden sided island, white metal sconces, gold pendants and sink hardware

A vintage sign always looks cool too. Hanging artwork in a kitchen makes the place seem more sophisticated than workaday, in my humble opinion, but signage—in particular metal signs—have the added bonus of being graphic, always in style, and often easy to wipe down when the inevitable mess occurs.

Given all these preferences, I think I have discovered a happy (though unsurprising) medium: adding pops of color/graphic black and white to otherwise (mostly) white spaces. This can be through dishes, textiles, furniture or lighting, but the overall effect is both cheery and chic. I am especially enamored with the last kitchen, with the round cabinet knobs and the primary color combos of casserole dishes and hand towels. Gorgeous, right?links | yellow pendant lights, blue dishes, colorful shelves and yellow island, yellow metal stools, black and white, pops of primary color

Of course, if all else fails, I can always add a major pop of color and fun like this! I think it is one home DIY project my husband would be happy to take on. :) After all, I already have the coat rack in the background!

What do you think? Anything you would add to this list? I would love to hear about your dream kitchen in the comments.

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