Guys, where has this week gone? Matter of fact, where has this summer gone?!! I can't believe we leave for Italy next week! And two days after we get back, in mid-September, is my Mom's 60th travel-themed birthday party. So much fun to be had, so little time!

To get ready for all the fun times ahead I have been working my crafty magic behind the scenes (in between bouts of mad dissertation work. I hope to be able to share more details and instructions for these projects after the party, but until then here are some fun sneak peaks.

above | I painted these tiny wooden airplanes pretty colors to decorate the birthday cake. I am planning devil's food chocolate with white buttercream frosting; these planes will be attached to wires and inserted into the cake to look like they are buzzing around it. Cool, right? planes bought here

above | I had these vintage-style postcards made up with a custom cancelation stamp on the back. I hope to have guests write notes on the back and then, after the party, bind them into a keepsake guest book. postcards bought here

above | Using my favorite yellow crepe paper rolls, I made these cute sunshiney garlands to hang as a backdrop for the food table. Love them! crepe paper from here

above | Last, but not least, I have spent the better part of this week putting together these favors—pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks stamped to look like passports. I can't wait to show you the step by step of these puppies; there are lots of fun details customized for the party, including the little security stickers on the back. What do you think? I hope the guests like them!Anything I am missing? If you have more clever travel-themed ideas for the party, lay them on me in the comments. Thanks! And happy weekend!
p.s. I posted all of these photos to my Instagram account this morning. If you like what you see, head on over here and follow me! 

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