I like to travel. And as an obsessive planner, I like to head out of town with a plan about the best sights, eats and cultural spots to explore. For years I have tried to keep track of these elaborate lists through google maps, random notebooks, and convoluted email chains . . . . you name it, I've tried it.

Enter Jauntful, a new site that allows you to create, share and print personalized maps for any place in the world. It's still in preview mode so they are working out some kinks but I have been testing it out for a few weeks and I love it! I particularly like that you can search other users maps for fun insider tips to any place you can dream up. I have already used it for a brunch and bookshop recommendation and can't wait to look for more.

In between browsing sessions I have started my own maps for restaurants to remember in New York, things I want to do in North Carolina (headed there for a wedding next weekend!) and guides to my hometown of New Haven, CT and my beloved Boston (below).

Best of Boston for Design Lovers

The Best of the Elm City

Interested in seeing more? Sign up to join the preview here and check out my page here. And happy (imaginary) travels!

(images from the Jauntful Facebook page)

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