About a month ago I went to see a gorgeous exhibition by Doug Wheeler at David Zwirner gallery with a couple of friends. Wheeler did a similar installation in 2012 (read about here) and, though I didn't see that show, I can attest that this one is visually stunning. I don't want to give too much away, but basically you step into a circular room with a rounded floor and are instantly immersed in pure, light color. The space looks cerulean blue in photographs but is actually more moody in person—a pale blue-grey watery color that seems to morph and change as you move and become acclimatized to the space.

In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend you go see it! Just be sure to go soon; the show closes on April 5 but requires a reservation to visit (info here), which will likely be harder and harder to get as the closing date draws near.

More information on Wheeler's work here; read more about Zwirner gallery here.

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