Last week I went to the doctor to have my eyes examined. Recently I found myself squinting to read street signs and the scores scrolling across the bottom of the screen on ESPN (blame it on the hours of grad school reading!). Turns out I need a tiny prescription to correct this, which I took as an opportunity to buy some cool glasses!

I have been in love with Warby Parker for a while—they have an impeccable design sense, the fabulous mission to donate one pair of glasses for every pair purchased and (as of this summer) have several beautiful new showrooms in New York. I headed over to their Greene Street store on Friday to pick up my glasses and nearly swooned. Not only were the display cases gorgeous, but they had fostered an old-world library vibe, complete with gold reading lamps, library ladders and color-coded bookshelves (yes!!).

They even have a (free) photo booth so you can pose for a quick picture with your new frames! Love!

After much discussion with a lovely sales associate (a sweet guy who goes to the New School and majors in media studies; I wanted to befriend him instantly!), I decided to get the Welty in Whisky Tortoise. They are a little bit bigger/hipper than standard rectangular readers but still cool enough that I my face will appear stylish. At least I hope so!
And the bonus? All of Warby Parker's frames, including prescription, are only $95. Win!

Even one of my favorite artists, Jason Polan (who is trying to draw every person in New York), has hit up Warby Parker! All the cool kids are doing it!
Check out all the Warby Parker goodness here and find a store here.

p.s. This is not a sponsored post (I don't do those), I just like to gush about good companies when I find them. :)


  1. You show the Welty frames in the Plum Marblewood style — Whiskey Tortoise is just as nice in a different way. I hope you enjoy your Warby Parker frames as much as I like mine.

  2. Nice catch, Cuyler. I will fix that now. And I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the glasses; I am glad to hear you like yours!