Last week I got a very cute email from my in-laws asking for my "christmas wish list". Remember when you were a kid and you eagerly spent the weeks before the holidays writing and rewriting your wish list? It was such a serious business, they made a whole movie about it (my favorite!)!

Well I am starting a new series here on the blog with just that concept in mind! "Wanted" will feature, like "Savings & Loans," new items I am adding to my wish list, whether holiday or birthday-related. My first installment includes this super cool new instant camera from Instax as sold by Photojojo. It runs $225 (or $265 with film) and has the awesome ability to adjust the settings, exposure, etc. There is even a double exposure feature! What?! Consider my mind blown.

Check out all the photographic goodness here.

(all photos from Photojojo)

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