I have a crush on Brian Williams and, since I currently own this, I think it's fair to say I love this song. With that in mind, this little video compilation made me giggle in delight. Hope you like it!

Did that pique your interest? Here is my favorite little slices of the internet this week; hope you like them too!

Roads that power your car. Wild!

Good tip for iPhone shutterbugs.

I would buy this just for the bragging rights (and the garage).

Chicken a la iPhone?

I am updating my Netflix queue as we speak.

Excellent article reminding me about a hilarious man. Guess I need to pick this up now.

Google Maps takes to the calle.

I rewatched the NSync/Backstreet Boys battle episode last night. RIP Cory Monteith.

A cast that looks incredibly cool, but how do all your eighth grade friends sign it?

So, so, so excited for this movie to come out (did I mention I was excited?!).

These ideas are perfect for my party-planning mindset right now.

When pigs fly swim!

Get away before summer is over!

I am tempted to make these to give out as favors at a party this September. Too ambitious?

Have a lovely weekend!

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