Have you heard about the latest sensation in the museum world? It's an installation piece called 'Rain Room' on view at the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition consists of a dark, beautifully-lit room with rain streaming down from the ceiling. Here's the kicker though: step under the rain and sensors note your presence and—magically—stop the rain around you. But only around you. It's like an invisible umbrella is hovering over your head! The effect is surprisingly glorious.

Clearly you can tell from the massive amount of photos posted above that I loved the exhibition. Even though I had to wait in line for five hours to see it on Friday (no joke! check out this story), I highly recommend a visit before the installation closes on July 28th. If you can't stand to wait that long you can opt for the short 'viewing only' line (which lets you see but not enter the installation) that's averages a 30 minute wait.

Read more about the installation on MoMA's website here and see more of my photos from my visit here.

p.s. I hope you like the video I put together. I don't often manage to edit and put the scraps of video I take together, but I couldn't resist this time. Leave me a comment if you like it and I will make sure to do more in the future!

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