On Tuesday I finally got off my lazy butt and went to see some museum exhibitions that—as a good museum professional and art historian—I needed to see. I checked out the Civil War photography, William Eggleston and Punk: Chaos to Culture shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Civil War images were beautiful (particularly the stereoscopic views), the Eggleston photos were invigorating and the Punk costumes were wild (coats made out of bubble wrap!).

But my favorite visit of the day was to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to see the new James Turrell show. Turrell, an amazing Californian artist, creates work solely out of what scholars call "light and space" offering pieces that feature subtle yet powerful gradients of color and mind-blowing optical illusions. The entire central rotunda has been given over to one massive work, called Alten Reigen (2013), that has visitors camping out on the floor simply to gaze up at the ceiling and be bathed in altering chromatic bands of light. The effect is surprisingly enchanting and soothing and I highly recommend a trip up to the museum to see it and the other cool works on display (including some gorgeously illuminated drawings).

Find out more information here.

p.s. Sorry, I got a little carried away my DSLR again. I promise not to keep bombarding you with photos on every post!

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