What are you up to this weekend? I am hanging out with my parents at our little beach house in Connecticut, even though the weather is supposed to be sticky and full of thunderstorms. Despite the weather forecast I am looking forward to lots of naps, good books and good food.

Here are some fun things to tide you over until next week:

How cool is this bird finger puppet? There are some great DIY crafts on this new-to-me blog Mr. Printables.

It's like a party in your mouth!

I want to check out this exhibition, pronto.

Oh and this one too.

I signed up for this class next Monday and I am really stoked about it!

This would look beautiful in my living room.

I was at an opening at the Whitney on Wednesday and one of my friends was wearing this. And she looked gorgeous!

This looks crisp and clean; this would look great with a slim cut pair of white pants.

I am in the market for new business cards (now that I am a full-time student again and married to boot). These look really cool!

I have been working on this new site; it's still under construction but I would love any feedback you have!

I am not into tattoos, but this is impressive.

Harry Potter nerds rejoice!

The island of swimming pigs?!!

Siri now helps people with more just directions and sports scores now. Kudos, Apple.

Out of juice in the park? There's a solution for that this summer.

Have a great weekend!

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