If you are a college sports fan like me, you are used to watching games on tv that are punctuated with numerous university-promoting ads. Well during last night's football national championship game, I saw a commercial for an unusual type of university: Monsters University.

The ad is part of an ingenious campaign to promote the upcoming Monsters Inc. prequel, entitled Monsters University, due out this summer. In addition to strikingly realistic college commercials they have also created an amazingly clever Monsters University website, complete with degree programs (they have a School of Scaring, and a School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities!) and an incredibly realistic President's address that almost makes you want to enroll. Not to mention a school store that allows you to select the number of sleeves on your sweatshirt; hilarious!

Even after all that, do you still feel a bit confused about what the movie will actually look like? Here's the official trailer:

But if you want to kill a couple of minutes browsing through a wonderfully creative movie website, check out all the goodness about Monsters University here.

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