If you read my post on Wednesday, you know that I have been out of work all week because my office is still rebuilding (power, phone service, etc.) in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Simply put, while I am all for surprise paid vacations, I can't help worrying about all of my friends who live in Brooklyn and Southern Manhattan and are still without basic necessities like food, water and power. Not to mention all the other people who are without homes or loved ones in the wake of this Frankenstorm. Luckily this is the time where New Yorkers prove we are kinder and gentler than our reputation gives us credit for (evidenced by this heartbreaking story and this heart-swelling shot) and pull together to set things right.

This is where you and I come in. You can donate to the Red Cross and help them rebuild communities particularly hard hit by Sandy. If you live in the area you can volunteer your time to help in the clean up efforts, in organizing resources and supplies or simply helping businesses, schools and churches get back on their feet. Or, in keeping with the designy spirit of this blog, you can also purchase one of the two beautiful prints above from 20x200 (one of my favorite sites!). The top print, created by artist Dylan Fareed, is between $60 and $120; 20x200 will provide 50% of its proceeds into its Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. The bottom print, a NASA satellite photograph of the hurricane roaring up the eastern seaboard, costs between $60 and $2400 (depending on the size); 20x200 will donate 100% of these proceeds to Sandy relief. They have already raised an impressive $4000, and with our help we can raise even more.

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and happy weekend. I will be back to normal—less disaster-focused—posts on Monday.

Hoping to see some Halloween cupcakes photos, as promised on Wednesday? It was not my best work, but you can see the results here, here and here. It was welcome, fun distraction, I have to say! See more of my Instagram photos here.

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