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How crazy is this? One day architect Jakub Szczesny was walking through an old neighborhood in Warsaw when he stumbled upon what he called "an appealing cushion of air" between two buildings from different eras. It got him to thinking . . . could he possibly design a building to fit in that slim space? The experimental architect got to work designing the house you see above, measuring 48 inches at its widest and a mere 28 inches at its narrowest point.

The major size restraints meant that Szczesny had to get creative: the desk in the bedroom folds up, the entire bathroom floor becomes the shower (using special highly waterproof tiles), all of the kitchen appliances are under 12 inches deep, and the main entrance is actually a trap door in the floor of the entryway. Amazing, right?

See more photos and learn more about the impressively creative project here. Could you live in a place like this? I think it would pose major problems for diagonal sleepers like me!

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