Too Cool for Stools

When you live in a tiny New York City apartment like I do, you come to appreciate the beauty of products that do double duty. Enter the simple stool. Alternately architectural and colorful, functional and decorative, seat and side table, this small piece of furniture provides the opportunity to make a big (and useful) statement in your home. So I present you with a round up of some handsome, modern and brilliantly designed stools; which one would you take home?

1    |  Turn Stool by Boex

2    |  Offset by Giorgio Biscaro Design Studio

3    |  Hut Hut by Kalon Studios

4    |  ST10 Jean by Stefan Diez

5    |  Stool by Torben Skov

6    |  Eternit Stools by Nicolas Le Moigne

7    |  Stool by Glimpt

8    |  Smart & Sleek Stool by Wisteria

9    |  Drop Stool 25 by Objeti

10  |  AP Stool by Shin Azumi for lapalma

11  |  Sembilan Studio by INCHfurniture

12  |  Monarchy by Yiannis Ghikas (it's a rocker, how cool is that?)

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