As I mentioned yesterday, I am in the middle of writing a long paper (and will likely be tomorrow, and the day after too, ha!). So I thought I would share with you one of the things I like do when I am stressed (and you won't believe it): it's cleaning! Yes, more often than not I share everyone's begrudging dislike of cleaning, but when things are stressful I sometimes finding tidying up to be this concrete, efficient thing that you can check off your to do list. Plus it has great, tangible results. And don't you agree having a clean house seems to make everything feel better and more manageable?

What's my point you might say? Well when I am in my cleaning frenzy, I sort of picture cleaning to be like this Method video! All pomp and circumstance and fun! The video is part of Method's Clean Happy Campaign and I highly recommend you check out all the cheery details here.

(thanks to Jordan for the tip)

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