Did you watch the Oscars last night? Even though I have been woefully remiss about seeing movies this year, I watched it to see Billy Crystal's big hosting return. Did you like him? I thought he was funny but did not blow my socks off. What did impress me was the production of the whole event; I loved the graphic design for the titles, the filmed interview cutaways and the set design. It was classy and glamorous and inventive. Why can't the Oscars do that sort of thing every year?

But the best eye candy was to be found in the beautiful dresses being flaunted on the red carpet. I was really impressed with everyone's choices this year, but loved what Kristen Wiig, Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone wore. Who was your favorite?

Also, did you see that Sacha Baron Cohen showed up as the middle eastern dictator from his latest movie. Wild, right?

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