As the new year hit, it started to dawn on me that I am getting married this year. This year! It is so exciting (and overwhelming; so much to do!) that I can barely sit still while I type this. And this year, for Christmas, I was given something that has made planning the wedding far more fun: an iPad!

The moment I unwrapped it my mind went into overdrive about how I could use it to keep track of my inspiration. Obviously Pinterest needed to be play a role, even though they don't have an iPad app! But I also wanted to use it to create color swatches and moodboards, so I could share my ideas with potential vendors. In the end I decided to import all of the inspiration images from my Pinterest Wedding board into several apps so to see what gave me the best results.

In the end I really enjoyed using the Pantone Weddings app—which lets you comb through Pantone color palettes* and import photos to make inspiration boards (bottom)—and fell in love with the Moodboard app (top)—which has similar features but more control over sizing, text, borders, etc. I have loved playing with both apps and can only imagine their uses are endless. Planning a birthday party? Dinner party? Vacation? Designing a poster? Invitation? Keep track of all the components and all your inspiration beautifully with these two apps.

Do any of you have an iPad? Any recommendations for other cool apps I can download?

*Though I do enjoy having this app, I was disappointed to see that not all of the Pantone colors are represented, only those they feel people will want to use for their wedding. So, although there were not a lot of bright reds and oranges to choose from, I found you can easily import swatches snagged from the Pantone website as images, as I have done above.

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