I know, I know. If you are anything like me, you walk into any store these days and leave incredulous that even before Halloween they have already started pushing the Christmas decorations. But since it snowed here in New York last week and since my life is crazy enough that I need to have something to daydream about, I am finally giving in this year and starting to daydream about the holidays (my hubby-to-be, who is the most Christmas-happy person I have ever met, will be ecstatic to hear this). So here is a nice round up of all the lovely ornaments I have come across, popping up in stores this week. Stay tuned next week for another holiday round up.

-1- Tinsel Orb Ornament, $14 each
-2- Candy Orb Ornament (Large), $18 each
-3- Pearly Expanse Ornament, $12 each
-4- Colored Glass Sphere Ornaments, $9 each
-5- Felt Ball Ornament, $6 each
-6- Colored Glass Sphere Ornaments, $9 each, Colored Mercury Glass Sphere Ornaments, $19 set
-7- Jack Frost Ornament Set, $38 for four
-8- Scampering Fox Ornament, $16 each
-9- Vintage Glass Narwhal Ornament, $16 each

Hope you like them! Have a great weekend!

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