I am very particular (some might even say picky) about certain things, most notably smells. I have an especially acute sense of smell and so I have a terrible time picking out something as simple as a scented candle. Almost every example I come across seems to be overpoweringly strong or just not appealing (really, who wants a candle that smells like 'Nature's Paintbrush'?). Either that or the candle container is just plain awful. But I think I have finally found a subtle and elegant solution: the Etsy store Luminology.

Luminology sells soy candles made with sustainable wicks in beautiful vessels that are meant to be repurposed after the wax has been used up. They offer ten lovely colors for the vessels and ten drool-worthy scents. Plus, read their Etsy bio:

Luminology is...
Fresh air. Warm mittens. Sun-kissed freckles. Blooming lilacs. Handwritten love letters. Heirloom pearls. Cozy knits. Dog-eared pages.

With organic materials and a clean, modern aesthetic, our soy candles are as artisan as they are utilitarian. Because when the candle’s wick is finished burning? The vessel becomes homemade art for your home, a serving piece for your dinner or a holding tray for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We’re pure, but luxurious. Simple, yet refined. Handmade and highly coveted. At Luminology, we know the importance of a signature gift. Let Luminology be yours.

Brilliant, right? I think one of their candles would be the perfect gift (or just a treat for yourself!). Check it all out here.

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