To make the party feel a little bit more special I decided to make some fun favors to send guests home with. After spying these adorable sets, I knew sending people home with a s'mores kit was the perfect way to cap off a start of summer party. My Mom and I were worried about keeping things fresh (living by the ocean, things get stale fast), so we put snack packs of graham crackers and mini individually wrapped chocolate bars in these clear plastic boxes and topped them off with marshmallows. Yum! I then closed up the boxes with stickers that featured our wedding logo and little thank you flags. Not surprisingly they were a bit hit!

(I may be snacking on some of the extra boxes this afternoon . . . )


After reading this post by Jordan, I knew I wanted to jazz up the engagement party with a photo booth. Turns out they can be super simple to put together! I bought 6 rolls of crepe paper streamers from my local party store (all to match my blue theme, of course), cut different lengths and masking taped them above a window in our cottage. I then set my camera up on a tripod, testing it to make sure it was the right distance (and setting it to auto focus, obviously) and then hooked this remote release to it. The whole thing worked beautifully!

DSC_0340 DSC_0501
DSC_0472 DSC_0429

And my friends and family loved it!


Not to mention me. I just couldn't resist taking a photo of the delicious present my friend Rachel baked (from scratch!) for me: a loaf of challah bread with wheat and white dough braided together to symbolize our upcoming union. Wonderfully thoughtful and delicious! (See that bite at the end? Yeah, this loaf lasted about 15 minutes over breakfast the next day.)

(One more post tomorrow detailing the decorations!)

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  1. It's so creative of you to give chocolates as wedding giveaways! I could imagine how lovely the Long Island wedding halls would have been if you fill it with cute sweets giveaways.