I have excitedly posted about Baggu bags before (see here and here). But in the last couple months I have gotten even more giddy over the Baggu brand because I have gotten to know (electronically) one of the wonderful people at Baggu: their promotional guru Jen Ng. It is so fun to exchange emails with smart, creative people—Jen has been super nice about helping me get studio shots of Baggu goodies to post on here!

Basically I am re-posting about Baggu because I have become completely dependent on them. I throw one of the grocery bags into my backpack before heading to school. I pack my lunch in a super adorable "baby Baggu". Today, when I hop on a plane to go to a symposium in Toronto, I will organize my suitcase with the Baggu zippered pouches.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that they come in super cute patterns and colors. Check it all out here.

Need something a bit more heavy duty? Baggu also just did a cool collaboration with Threadless to make some sweet canvas totes. Sneak a peak here.

(Thanks to Jen for the help with this post; all images courtesy of Baggu)

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