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After college I lived in Boston for a year, working at an art gallery/art education center. I kept up with the arts scene in Boston by following the amazing website 'Big Red and Shiny', which posted all of the city's best exhibitions and events. It was fabulous to have everything listed in one reputable, easily accessible place. Unfortunately, Big Red and Shiny shut its electronic doors in August of this year. Thankfully you can still read through their archives here.

Imagine my excitement when I came across the website 'Creative Everyone' on swissmiss yesterday. As their site describes, "We started Creative Everyone to be a single, go-to guide to all the most interesting creative-oriented events guide curated and edited by interested members from the creative community (our editors)." Right now it is in beta-stage testing and features U.K. cities (Manchester, London, Glasgow) and U.S. cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York). With our help and input perhaps we can encourage them to introduce it to new cities (Boston or Chicago, anyone?)!

It turns out that you can get involved in many ways: post your own creative events, become an editor for your city/interests, add events to your diary, saves searches to be notified about relevant events and follow the events your friends and colleagues are interested in.

The site looks all-around incredible and I will be bookmarking it immediately! Check out the goodness here.

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