Sesame Street has hit the news recently, unfortunately for a bit of scandal. When pop singer Katy Perry visited recently to do a musical remake of her song "Hot N Cold" with Elmo, apparently parents were dismayed by her racy outfit. No matter the scandal, Flavorwire has seized the moment to remind its readers about all of the truly clever and well-made videos on Sesame Street over the years—most notably their cheeky remakes of popular adult shows like True Blood (made into 'True Mud') and Wheel of Fortune (turned into 'Squeel of Fortune'). I have picked out three of my favorites . . . hope you like them!

'30 Rock' becomes '30 Rocks'
"As in 30 Rock, “30 Rocks” stars Lemon — here an actual lemon — saving the day by verifying the studio’s order for, you guessed it, 30 rocks."*

'Desperate Housewives' becomes 'Desperate Houseplants'

"This one — “the story of some house plants who were not getting what they needed” — might be the raciest of the bunch. It stars two dried up houseplants hoping to be noticed by a suave gardener."* Talk about satire!

"Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" becomes "Law and Order: Special Letters Unit"

"'Law and Order: SLU' follows a group of detectives who track down missing letters. In this episode, detectives seem to be confused about the difference between things that start with the letter M and the letter itself. As is to be expected, there are plenty of “chung chung” sound effects."*

See more videos on the Flavorwire website here.
(*All quotes taken from Flavorwire.)

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