I love most things on offer at JCrew. What can I say? I am a prepster. But over the past several years I have noticed that their prices have been rising steadily. Once upon a time JCrew was at the same price point as Gap. Now a simple t-shirt from JCrew is twice the price of one at Gap (and usually cuter, but more perishable).

So I have started devising small ways to circumvent the high prices. In the case of JCrew accessories it is easy to look for them elsewhere. My latest accessories coop is the vintage-inspired Timex watch featured in the August catalog. I absolutely love its refined-menswear-outdoorsman aesthetic, just not the $150 price tag (I mean really! Isn't Timex supposed to be known for affordable products?). So I did a little Ebay research and found a similar style--with darker numerals and a leather band--for 1/5 of the price. Bingo! And, in the end, I liked my Ebay version even better.

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