Thomas Prior "Jump"

Paul Octavious "Kite Hill"

Mike Sinclair "Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2000"

Paul Madonna "Balsa Planes #4"

Carrie Marill "Flying Shipping and Selling"

Katie Baum "Frozen"

Megan Whitmarsh "Trash Mountain"

Emily Shur "Victoria's Peak, Hong Kong"

Amy Park "Mercedes Planter"

As usual, there are some really fabulous prints on offer at 20x200. Looking through their offerings, I was struck by how many works remind me of summer in all its glory: swimming with friends, afternoons at play, tasty treats, exploring, the world alive with color, picking flowers . . . the list goes on and on! Pick up one of these lovely prints and many more (for as little as $20!) at 20x200 here. You can also see my past picks from 20x200 here.

Top to bottom:

Thomas Prior, Jump
Paul Octavious (a personal favorite!), Kite Hill
Paul Madonna, Balsa Planes #4
Carrie Marill, Flying, Shipping and Selling
Katie Baum, Frozen
Megan Whitmarsh, Trash Mountain

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