There is a lot of buzz about the iPhone coming to Verizon in September which is only fueling my love of all things Apple. With the iPad coming to stores tomorrow I feel like today is a good day to allow myself to get excited about the possibility of making a switch to the iPhone in the fall and having nearly every major electronic I own be designed and produced by Apple! That said, I wanted to share this super cool iPhone case, designed by SmrtCase, that allows you to hold up to three cards in a slot in the back of the case. This would be perfect for me since I tend to stash my monthly subway pass in the back of my iPod Touch case for easy access (which means I have to bend back the flexible case to take it out twice a day, not a great system). I particularly love the fact that this case isn't bulky, is reasonably priced, and simply designed. Completely wishlist worthy.

Check it out here in black, white and pink. It's also available for some Blackberry phones too!

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