Today I have a belated 'In the Classroom' to share with you . . .


In class last week we studied the photographs of David Bailey. Growing up poor in Leytonstone, Bailey worked a bunch of odd jobs as a teenager until he bought a second-hand camera during a stint in the army and viola! Inspiration. He was soon hired by the fashion photographer John French as an assistant. After several years learning the business from French, Bailey was hired as a staff photographer for British Vogue. He is credited with discovering the famous model Jean Shrimpton--a doe-like woman who would become his muse and favorite subject. Bailey is also known for bringing a pop aesthetic to fashion photography, shooting Shrimpton in front of street signs and advertisements. Read a great article about him here.


Richard Hamilton was working on a spread for Ark Magazine (a promotional publication for graphic design students at the Royal College of Art in London) when came up with this iconic collage "Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different So Appealing?" (1956). This collage launched him from painting to mixed media and became the epitome of pop art: a combination of mass-media culture and convenience with artistic practice. You can learn more about Richard Hamilton here.

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