I had such a lovely holiday, I thought I would share some of the gift-related highlights with you. Here are three of my favorite presents given and received, just in case you are already planning for the next present-worthy holiday . . .

  1. Cuispro Food Mill, $105, (for making my family's patented cranberry applesauce)
  2. Martha Stewart's Cooking School, $29.70, (to finally learn what 'stiff egg-white peaks' look like)
  3. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, $20, MoMA Store (to get the perfect dough thickness every time)
  4. Velodrome Print by James Deavin, $20, 20x200 (for my dad, the manic cyclist)
  5. Bubble Necklace, $115, MoMA Store (for my mom, a stylish lady with great jewelry)
  6. Nesting Kitchen Set, $60, MoMA Store (for a friend to celebrate her first apartment)

Hope you like them as much as I do! Thank you to all my givers and receivers! (Can you tell that I like the MoMA Store, haha?)

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