Oh my goodness. Me oh my!

These watches are absolutely gorgeous. I love them. I mean really love them (a five-year-old would be taunting me to marry them). Thank you Mr. Jones Watches for creating such elegantly colorful timepieces! The topmost watch (called "Cyclops") gives a guestimation of the time by the position of the black circle between the solid colored ones (right now it shows it is around 10:15). It is a limited edition of 100 and, at $185, there are only a few left!

The bottom watch is called "The Average Day" and will run you $165 (not a limited edition). In a bright ersatz pie chart, "The Average Day" watch marks out what the average person would be doing at any given time during the day. Thus the area between 9 to five roughly notes "work" and "eat". Take it from me---it's really cool.

Check all of the Mr. Jones Watch collection here as there are many many others to tickle your fancy.

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