The rest of August is going to be a little crazy, so I am signing off until the start of September. What will be so consuming that I won't be able to share my obsessive tendencies with you? Well, today I am headed to a friend's wedding in Pennsylvania and then I am jet-setting with the boyfriend to Europe for two weeks! It is all very exciting and will surely prove to be fodder for more posts and photos debuted here at the O.I. So be patient, dear reader, I will be back (with great things to share!) before you know it.

Because I have had to pack for myriad occasions--semi-formal rehearsal dinner, wedding, hours of walking and site-seeing, nice dinners out, etc.--my little carry on suitcase had to be meticulously packed, with many clothes doing double duty. I finally managed to limit myself to a handful of clothes in grey, black, dark blue and white in hopes that pieces can be mixed and matched. Figuring out what bags to bring, however, was a little more difficult. Since at any given time my "everyday" bag has to carry sunglasses, a bottle of water, two cameras, film, flip flops, snacks, lotion, my wallet, my cell phone and my ipod, the bag has to be pretty multi-purpose. I have found a couple of "keepers" that I thought I might share with you. (I hope you like them, because they will be up for the next two weeks . . . . )

Perfect for wrangling chap stick, your passport, keys and more in the abyss that is the depths of a tote bag.

One can always use a deep tote bag with a good zippered pocket or two. I love this print (and many others) from Le Sport Sac.

Boden's Fabulous Overnight Bag £249
Pricey, but super cute. I love the polka dots on this big weekender bag from Boden even if I don't love the price tag.

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