As mentioned here, I went to a wedding this Saturday of a family friend. It was a total blast. Once I get myself organized I will post some of my digital photos from the reception to show you how equally beautiful the setting and set-up were. Until then, please enjoy some of the polaroids I snapped here and there as moments and things caught my fancy.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  • the beautiful bridesmaids Jessica and Lauren in their green-gold dresses
  • my mom holding a glass of raspberry topped champagne during a toast
  • "the super bowlers" (four couples, including my parents, who get together regularly, particularly to watch the Super Bowl)
  • the father of the groom looking dapper in his three piece tux and fedora
  • my dad laughing at my insistence on taking his picture
  • my mom laughing and looking adorable as usual

As usual, see more of my polaroids here and my general portfolio here.

(UPDATE: See more of my photos, particularly the wedding photos, here.)

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  1. Looks like everybody was having a splendid time...I like the saturated quality of the photos.

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    Have a lovely week,