My last stop at the Brooklyn Flea was to the People's Pops Stand. I had read about People's Pops through Daily Candy and, upon checking out their blog (here), I knew I had taste their frozen deliciousness as soon as possible. Ultimately, even if I hadn't stumbled on Salvatore Bklyn or Moontree Letterpress, the trip to Brooklyn would have been worth it just to sample these fruity orgasms-on-a-stick.

Here's their MO: a weekly visit to the Green Market in Union Square to buy the freshest seasonal fruit, a week of toiling over a flash freezer to make the fresh fruit pops, and then a weekend of drippy delicious sales in several locales around New York.

Best. Business. Plan. Ever.

This weekend, for a mere $3.50 they had blueberry, strawberries and cream, and strawberries and rubbard pops. They also had "ices" (gourmet sno cones) for $2.50 in lemon and ginger and lemon and mint. Understandably, for the sake of research, I had to try a strawberry and cream pop AND a lemon and mint ice. Let me tell you, they were the stuff of mouth-watering dreams. Go get one this weekend.

UPDATE: Follow People's Pops on Twitter here and see their latest review by Tasting Table here.

p.s. How great is their business card? It's a popsicle stick with their logo stamped on it! Here I added my strawberry and cream popsicle with their official business because the strawberry pink stain was so pretty.

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