As you may have noticed, I have, over the course of the summer, been trying to make some marked improvements to the blog.  I've added a search feature, RSS feed, twitter feed, a "real" URL etc.  But nothing I have done to work within the paltry confines of blogspot remotely compares to the beauty of these three sites.  I have been drooling over them for a while and thought I would finally send you to see for yourself.

Top to Bottom:
  • Oh Joy! I love the simplicity of this set up, particularly the leafy icons near the top
  • Fleuron Formerly known as Serif, Fleuron has a great cool color palette and great text bubbles!
  • Blue Pool Road I love the alternation of type and photo on this site and their styling.  Yum!

Check out these websites and let me know what you think (and share your favorites if you like!).  I am trying to develop an inspiration scrapbook for the far-off day when I can transition to my own website . . . . 

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