This dreary overcast weekend I decided to defy the weather and go berry picking with my boyfriend Thomas. Being the competitive energetic people we are, Thomas and I began to hunt for the best rows of strawberries and by the morning's end we managed to pick over TEN POUNDS of strawberries! Which was understandably delicious but perplexing. What do you do with TEN POUNDS of strawberries?

Answer: make delicious simple jam! Check out the easy three ingredient recipe (strawberries, sugar, lemon juice) over at Martha Stewart Food. As you see from my photos, I made 6 batches of the recipe which yielded 12 small jars of jam. Beware, this recipe makes more of a spread/sauce than a traditional jam since it avoids the annoying pectin/jar heating process. All in all, it is perfect for spreading on toast or mixing into yogurt and is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

(Option two for the remaining SIX POUNDS of strawberries: freeze them and blend into smoothies to brighten up the dead of winter! Drink them with the Kikkerland straws! Find useful freezing instructions here.)

(Many thanks to my wonderful Mom for the beautiful pictures of the jam session! (This pun's for you Mom!))

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